Tae and Su Han, the owners of Misoya Bistro in Medford and Bonsai Teriyaki in Ashland are formerly of Tacoma, Washington. The Hans moved to Medford in 2003. Much to their amazement, there weren’t many sushi and teriyaki restaurants in the area. The Hans purchased Bonsai Teriyaki in 2005 from Lee whom the Hans were asked to come help set up a couple years earlier. The Hans have put their passion for good food and their commitment to excellence in perfecting Ashland’s Bonsai Teriyaki–one of the best restaurants in the valley. With the success of Bonsai Teriyaki, in 2011, the Hans decided that it was time to venture into a new restaurant in Medford, Misoya Bistro, specializing in Asian Pacific cuisine at the Vogel Plaza downtown.

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