Asian Pacific Cuisine

Serving sushi, teriyaki and Korean barbecue

At Misoya Bistro, we prepare healthy and delicious Asian Pacific cuisine for our customers. We offer a full sushi bar and flavorful meals from Korea, China and Japan. Whether you are inclined towards Korean seafood pancake, Mongolian beef or Japanese steak, Misoya Bistro is a wonderful solution all around. We have gluten-free tamari for sushi and have vegetarian and vegan menu items as well.

We are located across from the Craterian theater and late night dining offers theater-goers a place to enjoy healthy Asian Pacific food before and after their theater experience. Our patio seating creates a unique ambiance at night and a delightful experience during the day.

Customer favorites include the Crunchy Roll, Mochi Roll, Amber Roll, Bento Box, Combination Tempura, and Stone Bowl Bibimbop. The owners, Tae and Su Han, who also own and manage Bonsai Teriyaki in Ashland, love the work they do and have a passion for making good food.


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